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I love preparing Miranda’s food now that it’s safe for her to eat most things. Last week the supermarket was having a sale on Pink Lady apples. I immediately thought of stewing pork in a few of those apples. Added pears, carrots, green beans, a bit of rice and blended it all up and Miranda just loved it!

Then as usual, I made her all-time favourite - beef in stewed tomatoes. Added a few more apples to it (there was a big bag!), spinach and portabello mushrooms and it made for another winning meal. She also loves it when cheese is melted on top of it.

The best part was there was no need for ANY salt since the truss tomatoes and pink lady apples provided so much flavor.

Can’t wait to see what I can whip up for her for next week. My little guinea piglet heh heh heh.

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