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Diaper Rash :(

Miranda’s been having a mild diaper rash for a few weeks and applying the cream just doesn’t seem to be helping. I’m using Drapolene, a brand my girlfriend highly recommended.

Today I saw that it’s flared up and looks quite nasty! There’s nothing on the private part itself but around the upper, inner thighs. I’ve already made an appointment for her to see the doctor but was wondering if any of you have any tried and tested methods/ creams?

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Tiffany Hearts

An example of how QY and I think alike.

Similar classic birthday gifts to each other, just days apart.

I’m so glad that after all these years of being apart, our friendship has not wavered one bit.

I miss our Monday night meet-ups, which usually involved an ice cold beer to end the awful first day of work and the walk home before we separate at the junction, at equal distance to both our homes.

Here’s to the next decade, my whine-bartender.

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It was a lovely winter day on Saturday so we decided to go to Lygon St to have some dessert at Brunetti’s. Miranda was stoked. We even gave her some crumbs from a shortcrust pastry - lucky girl! She’s started clapping hands! Everything is so exciting now hahaha.

And those sunglasses on her made me laugh till my cheeks hurt!

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Sunday Lunch: Potato Rosti

For awhile now, Dwayne and I have been missing the potato rosti we used to have at Marche, a chain of restaurants in Singapore. It’s like a market concept - everything is fresh and they cook the food right in front of you. 

One of the more popular dishes in Marche is the potato rosti. Of course, as one would know, the humble rosti originated in Switzerland and when I researched on it, they actually have variations throughout the country even.

The only/ main two ingredients that maketh a rosti are potatoes and butter. Armed with only what I have (no rosti pan and no rosti flipping skills), I decided to try it out.

Pardon the rosti making process steps photos. I was on my own so I was doing the best I could with my iPhone. The final product was then captured using the DSLR, as it well should! It was delicious, according to one satisfied husband :)

After parboiling the potatoes, I decided to peel the skin. It’s optional. Personally, I just cannot stand to have skin on my potatoes.

Grating the potatoes. There’s an actual grater to make rosti but my usual one had to do.

Melt some butter and then add the grated potatoes. I made enough for two small rostis (5 medium sized potatoes) and this was the first batch.

Flatten the potatoes and “neaten” edges.

Okayyy, so this is totally unclear but this was the hardest part. Use a plate and flip your pan upside down. (I totally needed Dwayne’s help with this!)

Phew! Still intact!

Cook the other side.

Added some beef chipolatas and a dollop of sour cream and voila! :)

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